Welcome to ELVIRA!

A sligthly modified version of Bob Supniks PDP11-emulator running RSTS/E:

Connect to ELVIRA port 4000, login as user: 99,99    password=user

(If you are using a broken win telnet client or c-kermit, press ESC instead of ENTER after user ppn
Update: Modified character mapping so the above should no be needed, please also note that "DEL" (=Ascii 127) is used to remove characters from input buffer, "BS" (=Ascii 8) does only backspace and does not remove character from buffer)

Operating system is RSTS/E V 8.0.
The emulator is now running on an AMD K6-2 300, so it is slightly faster than a real PDP11/73.

NOTE: disconnect is a bit slow after logout.

RSTS/E documentation for use with the emulator is here.

Some other RSTS/E related info here.

INIT.SYS Y2K patches to RSTS/E V7.0-7, 8.0, 9.2 and 9.6:

To allow RSTS/E to boot to a date after 31-dec-99 use this for V8.0-06, for V8.0-07 and forV9.2-10 with $ONLPAT.
Submitted by Mark Abene for V7.0-7.
Posted by Robert Schaffrath for V9.6-11.

Updated source code for the emulator is V2.3D-3.

Previous versions: V2.3D-2, V2.3D+

What to do with a raspberry pi and a front panel, the PiDP-11 project (modified emulator coming soon).

Some of my other stuff here.

Apache documentation